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VILLERestaurant: Cafe Cinq Sens Gatineau
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417, boul. Alexandre-Taché, J9A 1M6

Gatineau ⋅ Hull, Outaouais

(613) 263-0403

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Avis pour Cafe Cinq Sens Restaurant

3.7 / 5basé sur 3 évaluations


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1 Commentaire

For anyone about to read this, take my advice. DO NOT GO THERE. Both me and my partner have been working in the service industry for years, and go out to restaurants quite often. We are very laid back and non-demanding clients when we go out, and are very tolerant of a service that isn't perfect. We understand that a lot of circumstances, which are out of the server's control, can affect the client's experience. But we've NEVER had such a bad experience as the one at this restaurant.

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, the atmosphere felt tense and unprofessional. The main office was right after the entrance with the door wide open which did not feel very welcoming as a first impression. There was no music, few windows and the place was not extremely clean. Despite this, we told ourselves we would give it a shot since such places are sometimes hidden treasures when it comes to food.

We proceeded to get seated next to one of the few windows. The table was sitting right on top of the air conditioning vent, and I was absolutely freezing. I tried switching spots with my partner on the other side of the table, but I was still uncomfortable. The restaurant was not busy, so we decided to simply change tables to a 4 seater that was away from the vent. This next table was unbalanced to the point where we had to throw a napkin under one of the table legs to avoid having our water spill all over us. The server then arrived at our table - she was a very nice young girl, however, she did not offer to make us coffee. She told us we could go serve ourselves at a carafe that was located in the other room. We both thought this was unprofessional for a restaurant that is not advertised as "serve yourselves" or "buffet style".

We decided to order anyway since the menu looked promising. As soon as one of our dishes arrived at our table, everything went downhill. A group of 4 adults walked into the room with the chef to get seated. For some unknown reason, the chef decided to not seat them at a table next to ours that could have accommodated them, and pressured us to move back to the same table where I was cold before. I told him I would rather stay where we were seeing it was not busy and they could take another table. He proceeded with extremely arrogant manners to take the dish that was on our table and place it aggressively on the other table IN FRONT of the other group of 4 that was waiting to get seated. He made everyone in the room uncomfortable, including his own server who gave me a very apologetic look. Before heading back to the kitchen, the chef yelled as us from the other side of the room "Everyone good?!" as we all stood there in shock, and he stormed off into the kitchen. At this point we had had enough, we told the server this wasn't working out for us, and we walked out. Never, have we EVER, walked out of a restaurant, despite bad service. But the chef's aggressiveness and terrible manners completely disgusted us and ruined our whole experience.

We were halfway around the corner to get to our car when the chef almost ran us over with his car, screaming at us that he would call the police if we didn't pay for our meals. My partner and I told him that we didn't touch our food, and that it was the worst experience we've ever had because of his lack of professionalism and that we shouldn't have to pay for something that we didn't enjoy. He continued to threaten us, almost ran us over again, and stormed off back to the restaurant. We were absolutely infuriated and insulted but didn't want to get the police involved for something as insignificant as $25. My partner simply proceeded to go pay our bill since we wanted to enjoy the rest of our day and forget about this horrible man.

I'm not blind to the fact that this restaurant has equal good and bad reviews. I honnestly believe that the people who were lucky enough to have good experiences in such a toxic environment simply got lucky. Seeing the abundance of other bad reviews, we feel bad for our server, and any other staff members, who work for someone with such poor social and professional skills. We feel bad for the other clients who have had bad experiences and for future clients who are setting themselves up for disappointment. But we don't feel bad for walking out. Although we doubt it, we hope this will serve as a business lesson for the chef.

31 juil., 2017
1 Commentaire

Fantastic food, great coffee, incredible prices. Fun little café!
Run by a husband and wife duo, this restaurant is a must try!

Merci Jason et Rose!

13 déc., 2015
1 Commentaire

Mitchell Hamlyn
8 Reviews , 38 Followers

RATED 5 Absolutely excellent. Restaurant owners are extremely friendly, and care a lot about the food they make. I would definitely recommend the creole omelette - it's the perfect mix of spicy and savory. Will definitely return

02 déc., 2015

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