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We had the misfortune of trying this restaurant. We arrived to a half full restaurant and ordered a soup to share, tea and steamed buns. To note, teh waitress informed us that several of the buns on the menu were sold out so we ordered one that she said was available.

The soup arrived, which we enjoyed but the tea didn't show up (strike one). We were not in a rush so assumed it would come with the steamed buns. Not once did our waitress come by to see how things were so we couldn't ask her about the tea (strike two).

Getting impatient after having been there maybe 45 minutes and seeing other orders of buns coming out to other tables I got up to ask the waitress about where is our order. She needed to check and her response was that they were sold out (stike three - they were not sold out when we ordered 45 minutes ago). After asking her what happened to our order she finally admitted she messed up. We left the restaurant hungry and disgusted with the lack of service and disappointed with the restaurant that can't provide items on their menu. I won't return and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone.

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