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I grew up eating at this place. So I ordered from Aylmer BBQ looking forward to eating their General Tao Chicken. For years, I would recommend this dish to people. Coming back to town, I decided to order from here.

Wow, I was extremely disappointed!

The white rice was undercooked, the batter on the chicken was very wet & soft, and the sauce was not the same tasty amazing sauce it was years ago. It seemed as though the rice was from yesterdays leftover - cold & dry, and the general tao chicken was left sitting in the sauce for hours.

I decided to call to let them know that I was unsatisfied with their food because it's not fair to pay for a product or service and not receive exactly what you wanted and expected.

This is called having great customer service. First, you need to own up to your mistake, which they never apologized. Only made excuses! Second, you offer your customer who pays your bills three options. 1- Refund your client fully, 2- Offer to take another order, or 3- Give a credit for the next time. Again, this is called having great customer service to keep your loyal customers happy and satisfied.

So, let's look at what they offered me. Aylmer BBQ offered me to take another order so I did. I asked for egg rolls. Now, let's look at how much the egg rolls cost $1.45 each and the general tao chicken cost $12.90. How many egg rolls fit in a general tao chicken? The answer is 8.9 egg rolls, round it up to 9. Guess how many they offered to give me?
5 egg rolls

What this means is they stole money from a single mother and a full-time student - $6!!!! If I knew they were this desperate for my $6, I would have offered them more.

The point is about treating your customers with high value because we are the people that make it possible for restaurants to make money, to stay in business, and pay for your lifestyle. When you bite the hand that feeds you, it says a lot about their mission as restaurant owners.

I will never return! Not because the food was bad but because the customer service was poorly managed and the problem was not resolved. I did receive my five egg rolls but I'm still not satisfied because the solution was not fair. They got their food back and I was left overpaying for a mistake they made.

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