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Ottawa Bistro

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Opens Tomorrow at 11:30am


537, Sussex Dr.
ByWard Market / Lowertown

$$,$$$$Bistro, Burgers, Canadian, Contemporary/Modern, Creative, Healthy, Seafood/Fish, Regional

Opens Tomorrow at 12pm

Brothers Beer Bistro


366, Dalhousie St.
ByWard Market / Centretown/Downtown

$,$$Bistro, Canadian, Market, Deli

Open Now


9, rue Aubry
Hull / Outaouais

$,$$Bistro, Pub Food, Tapas, Burgers, Sandwiches

Opens Tomorrow at 6am


585, boul. la Gappe
Gatineau / Outaouais

$$,$$$Bistro, Breakfast, Contemporary/Modern, Grill, Pasta, Salads, Fish & Chips

Opens Tomorrow at 11:30am

Petit Bill's Bistro

1293, Wellington St.
Westboro / Ottawa West

$,$$Bistro, French, Comfort Food, Burgers, Fish & Chips, Canadian, Regional, Desserts & Sweets, Mussels

Opens Tomorrow at 4:30pm

The Buzz


374, Bank St.
Centretown/Downtown / Bank Street Promenade

$,$$Bistro, Contemporary/Modern, Eclectic, International, Market, Regional, Burgers



1445, Wellington St. W.
Hintonburg / Ottawa West

$$,$$$Italian, Bistro

Bistro L'Alambic

307, boul. St-Joseph
Hull / Outaouais

$,$$Bistro, Regional, Portuguese, Italian

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Agave Grill

1331, Wellington St. W.
Hintonburg / Ottawa West

$$Mexican, Grill, Bistro

Bistro Casa Paula

50, chemin Vanier
Aylmer / Outaouais

$Bistro, Breakfast

Sabai Thai

4055, Carling Ave.

$,$$Thai, Bistro, Healthy, Vegetarian

Les Vilains Garçons

39, rue Laval, suite A
Gatineau / Outaouais

$$,$$$Contemporary/Modern, Bistro, Spanish

Café Cognac

230, rue Montcalm
Hull / Outaouais

$Café, Breakfast, Bistro, Salads, Burgers, Pizza


359, Booth St.
Chinatown / Centretown West

$Vietnamese, Bistro

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Île Pho

4, rue Belmont
Aylmer / Gatineau

$,$$Fusion, Vietnamese, Thai, Bistro

Le Forain

189, boul. St-Joseph
Hull / Gatineau

$$,$$$Bistro, International, Pub Food, Breakfast

Benny's Bistro

119, Murray St.
ByWard Market / Lowertown

$,$$Bistro, Breakfast, Sandwiches

Il Perugino

277, Dalhousie St.
ByWard Market / Lowertown

$Italian, Bistro

Aux 4 Jeudis

44, rue Laval
Hull / Gatineau

$Bistro, International, Café

Bistro des Alpes

74, boul. Gréber
Gatineau / Outaouais

$$,$$$Bistro, Fondue

Oz Kafe

361, Elgin St.
Golden Triangle / Elgin Street

$$Café, Bistro, Vegetarian, Vegan

Bistro Boréal

100, rue Laurier
Hull / Outaouais

$,$$Bistro, Salads, Sandwiches, Pasta, Regional, Market

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54, Springbrook Dr.

$$,$$$Bistro, Breakfast, Salads, Sandwiches

Chez Eric

28, chemin de la Vallée de Wakefield
Gatineau / Outaouais

$$Bistro, French, Burgers

Marius Café Bistro

175-C, promenade du Portage
Hull / Outaouais

$Bistro, French, Salads, Sandwiches, Tartare

The 3 Brewers (Les 3 Brasseurs)

240, Sparks St.
Centretown/Downtown / Sparks Street (Sparks Street Mall)

$$$Bistro, Pub Food, Salads, Burgers, Fish & Chips, Mussels


31, rue Principale
Aylmer / Outaouais

$$Bistro, French, Tartare

Luxe Bistro

47, York St.
ByWard Market / Lowertown

$$$,$$$$Bistro, Salads, Burgers, Steakhouse, Breakfast

Banco Bistro

1, boul. du Casino
Gatineau / Outaouais

$$,$$$Bistro, Sandwiches, Burgers, Poutine, Pizza, Rotisserie

Le Foubrac

47, boul. Montclair
Hull / Outaouais

$Café, Bistro, Burgers, Sandwiches


5547 Hazeldean Rd.

$$Bistro, Italian, Pizza, Pasta, Mussels